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Money, Money, Money…


Money, Money, Money…

Let's talk about the one topic people both love and hate to talk about: money! 

Too much money in the wrong hands, or not enough money in the right hands, are both recipes for disaster. Both scenarios, there is a lack of worth and deservingness. Money is something that can ease many of our worries, or be the cause of many of our worries. And yet, we spend more time worrying about money than spending that time resolving the infamous money story we all hold.  

The story that keeps so many from being able to change their life from being the #1 complaint amongst both individuals and couples. The story that keeps people from investing in things that will help them. The story that keeps people stuck in their unworthiness and undeserving mindset. Quite honestly, talking about money is a touchy subject. When people are struggling with their financial situation, the topic of money can be a real trigger for some. I am not here writing this post to trigger people, I am here to help people.

I used to have a money story- well, right up until I left my unhealthy home environment the day I turned 18. I grew up with a very financially stressed out parent, in a very poor-lifestyle household. Until I realized that I can spend the same time making money as I would spend stressing about it. I worked hard, and many times I would be rewarded with opportunities because of it. Once I learned my worth, I watched the opportunities flow even more.

Think about this: if you truly felt you were deserving of anything, knew your authentic worth, had something to offer that those want or need, and understood that money surrounds us - you would have no issues making money. Like-minded also attracts like-minded. So, if you are stuck in a negative money story, chances are those around you are, too. You each stay stuck in the same conversations of complaining and stressing about money, and hoping for the day somethings will magically change. On the other hand, if you continuously are attracting money, you'll want to surround yourself with those who do the same. More opportunities arise, you all support and praise each other with each new achievement, you're always motivated, you get the gist.

Luckily, you can always change your situation. Grab a journal, here are a few simple guidelines to follow if you want to start shifting your money story:

  1. What was your parents' view of money growing up? Is yours similar, or different? 
  2. How do you budget? What do you splurge on and what do you save on?
  3. Do you let money be the barrier for things you want and need?
  4. What are your financial stressors and how can those be resolved? if it's making more money...
  • How long do you want to be stressed about money?
  • What do you believe you deserve? Start writing. Let yourself write for however long your hand lets you. 
  • What is your worth? What defines you? 
  • What are some unique, characteristic qualities about yourself? What makes you, you? 
  • What is something you 'offer' that others wish they had?

Journaling with these prompts will open your eyes, and open doors for you. If you do the work to source and process the above prompts and critically engage with yourself, you will be on the path for resolving the money story you have and become financially confident.

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About the Author

Dorcy Pruter is the CEO & Founder of Dorcy Inc, which serves & Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. In all realms, Dorcy is a master at empowering you with the skills and tools you need to easily remove the emotional blocks that hold you stuck, so you can create the life and relationships you deserve.

Dorcy Pruter

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