May 18

No Negative Nellies


No Negative Nellies

Quick: How do you feel when you are stuck in negative emotions? When you are anxious, stressed, sad, angry, or hurt?

Your answer is probably a quick response along the lines of 'not good'

And yet, take a few minutes and ask yourself how long you usually stay in those negative emotions (which leads to negative thinking). 

You probably will find that you feel this way for quite some time. Maybe you lay in bed and soon enough it's been an hour or moping or overthinking. Maybe you can't find yourself to get up, to eat, to exercise. If you journal about it, you may find that you will unlock much more about your negative feelings and thinking. More on that later. Or maybe it's just minor negative thoughts here and there throughout the day. 

To sum it up, we all have negative emotions. We all feel them, we are human. And that is ok. It's ok to feel those. And-- it is also not ok to feel those for too long. And here's why.

When you stay stuck too long in a negative feeling, it will lead to negative thinking. And it becomes a domino affect. You start attracting those negative feelings into actions and choices because your brain will be looking for ways to confirm those negative feelings. It's focus is now on the bad. Versus, if you shift this thinking into positive, it will start to focus on the positive. Shifting negative feelings into positive ones can seem like a challenging task, yet it is possible with a few helpful techniques. 

Not to mention, it affects us physically. You may find yourself getting a stomach ache, your chest hurts or your heart races, maybe you get a migraine. Maybe you're always tired. Think about how these seemingly minor physical ailments may transpire over time...

The first step to shifting out of your negative emotions is to acknowledge and accept the negative feelings you are experiencing. Once you have done this, you can try to reframe your thoughts and focus on positive aspects of the situation. Practicing mindfulness, exercising, and deep breathing will help you get out of the negative state. Continue to question the validity of your negative thoughts. Continue to ask what can you control? Luckily, you can control yourself! And in general, surrounding yourself with positive people can also help shift your mindset. It's important to remember that changing your thoughts and emotions takes time and effort, and with practice, it can become a habit. It is rewiring the neurons in your brain. It is creating a habit of choosing between dwelling on a negative issue or focusing on the positive. Focus on solving the issue rather than focusing on the issue.

By implementing these techniques, you can take control of your emotions and cultivate a more positive outlook on life. This will lead to more a positive life. Domino effect!

Despite setbacks and pain, life is way too short to spend it being negative. For further support with shifting negativity into positivity for the long-term, check out Higher Purpose Mastery. You can cultivate positivity and master consciousness & fearlessness in a matter of weeks!

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About the Author

Dorcy Pruter is the CEO & Founder of Dorcy Inc, which serves & Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. In all realms, Dorcy is a master at empowering you with the skills and tools you need to easily remove the emotional blocks that hold you stuck, so you can create the life and relationships you deserve.

Dorcy Pruter

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