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Conscious co-parenting institute

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Reunited after many years of severe alienation, my dad and I experienced a healthy, loving relationship that went beyond what I had ever imagined, until his passing in October of 2013 after a long, hard fought battle with cancer. It was through fostering this relationship that I had learned the secrets to creating and maintaining loving relationships between parents and their children. I have since been able to help other families achieve the same goals, with both minor and adult children, including reuniting my father with his other three adult children who had been alienated since childhood. 

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

The primary focus of my work at the Conscious Co-parenting Institute is high conflict custody disputes under the pretense of divorce. My goal is to help establish custody plans and co-parenting roles that encourage positive relationships between children and BOTH parents. Working with both mothers and fathers, I have spent my time dealing with high conflict divorce as a family reunification coach and custody consultant, nationally and internationally. I have worked on hundreds of cases garnering positive results.  

Dorcy Inc.

After coaching young talent in the entertainment industry, my business quickly evolved into focusing on reunification coaching for children and parents. I have my coaching certification in reunification coaching and am certified to teach several different parenting curriculums. Since teaching these curriculums for several years, I have written my own curriculum focused on the challenges facing parents. 

Dorcy Inc. is the branding site that houses many other coaching programs that have evolved out my personal journey and evolution process. From a challenging childhood, to graduating from high school and working since I was 14 years old, I have always been an entrepreneur. I started taking pictures in my early twenties and then completed a 16 year career in the mortgage business. After rising to the top of the industry, I left the mortgage industry to pursue my passion and purpose in life: illuminate the path to purpose for others, empowering them to live self-actualized lives.

Dorcy Pruter

I take a non-traditional approach, which works. I have learned what works and what does not through trial and error, personal experience, research, education, training, and then guiding families through a non-traditional approach. I can help you fast-track your results. You no longer have to wait, wondering what will happen next, or wonder if you will ever see your children again. I do not hold back! 

 After retiring from the mortgage industry at the height of my career, I launched my first coaching practice,  "A Hollywood Life" where I worked with young entertainers to help them navigate the waters of the entertainment business while empowering them with the skills needed to balance life while being a kid. I soon found that a lot of the problems that the youth in the entertainment business were challenged with were the same challenges that most teens and young adults faced. With achieving success at an early age, I was all too familiar with not being understood by peers or parents.

Through my personal journey, I learned exactly what it takes to end the conflict of divorce and re-establish a healthy and long-lasting bond with your family. 
Too often conflict arises and children become a precious possession that can be used against another parent. This behavior is triggered on a deep level, but it CAN be reversed and overcome with the right approach. That is why I do the work that I do: to teach parents that this is, in fact, possible. 

I truly believe that every human on the planet is here with a purpose and has the opportunity to learn and grow and be the best version they can be. I also believe that nobody can do it on their own. The way you change the world is to build a powerhouse team around you, and my company is a powerhouse. 

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