June 27

Higher Purpose Mastery Retreat Magic


Higher Purpose Mastery Retreat Magic

We hosted our summer Higher Purpose Mastery retreat this weekend!! Three magical days by the ocean, which is a powerful grounding and healing source on its own, from our great mother Earth.

I hosted another group of amazing humans, whose lives have been touched and changed for the better- forever. Healed trauma, obstacles overcome, and fear released-- this group of conscious souls said 'yes' to stop living out their childhood trauma and negative patterns. They dug deep, so they can reap the benefits of true inner healing. It was truly magical to watch. 

I am so proud of the work this group did, as I always am. Humans have the power to change their own lives- more than they know. And, it takes as long as it takes. It breaks my heart to see others believe they cannot live any other way- because they absolutely can. And when they are ready, they will. I am here to simply guide the way for you, and you are the one who will embrace your power and implement the powerful work. You can do it!!

For those of you that do not know, I have created a new program, Higher Purpose Mastery Guided Program & Retreat. This is where a group of dedicated higher-purpose humans come together to work towards the same goal: learning to heal trauma and create the life they want and deserve. We do bi-monthly group calls and members can participate in a weekend retreat. My team holds a powerful space for healing as well. Including my youngest daughter who I am proud to guide alongside in this space.

If you wish to partake in the next retreat, contact us today to learn how to get started on the Higher Purpose Mastery path. The next retreat is this coming fall, in September!!

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Dorcy Pruter is the CEO & Founder of Dorcy Inc, which serves DorcyPruter.com & Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. In all realms, Dorcy is a master at empowering you with the skills and tools you need to easily remove the emotional blocks that hold you stuck, so you can create the life and relationships you deserve.

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Higher Purpose Mastery Retreat Magic

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