Dorcy in the Media

Watch and/or listen to past podcasts and conferences that Dorcy has appeared on! She has interviewed with advocates, attorneys, other coaches, and more!

Slam the Gavel Podcast

I joined Maryann Petri to discuss the family court system. Much ground was covered as we also discussed what happens in a high-conflict family dynamic and a co-parenting dynamic and how that affects the child. Reunification is highly important while overcoming challenges and obstacles to move forward. However, ultimately the issue is how to solve and resolve this type of family dynamic and dysfunction.

Alienated Children First

I participated in a webinar hosted by Alienated Children First, a group of affected parents, grandparents, adult children and therapists located in Ireland. We discussed the powerful role Higher Purpose Parenting has for alienated parents.

Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

I got to join podcast host Kate Anthony, to chat about how alienation can arise in separation/divorce, and how parents can teach their children to have a relationship with both parents.

Custody Matters Live

I am accompanied by Dawn McCarty on Danica Joan's Custody Matters Live to talk about reunification coaching and co-parent education. We talk about strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect after a high conflict divorce.

Dad Talk Today

I join Dr. Craig Childress on Eric Caroll's podcast, to talk about the Alliance to Solve Parental Alienation Group and the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. 

Braveheart Women Talk Show

I guest appeared on BraveHearTView with these amazing women, to discuss my personal experience with alienation.

Divorce & Beyond Podcast

I join Susan Guthrie, ESQ, on her podcast, Divorce and Beyond, to discuss "parental alienation" and the success of the High-Road Workshop. 

Divorced Woman's Guide Podcast

I interviewed with Wendy Sterling, founder of the Divorce Survival Guide, to chat about how to heal from emotional trauma.

Sanity in Co-Parenting Podcast

I joined host Laura Macmahone to chat about co-parenting strategies.

Moms Moving On Podcast

I got to join Michelle Dempsey to chat about how it is entirely possible to co-parent, even in a high-conflict dynamic.

Nacho Kids Podcast

I joined founders Lori & David to discuss step families, triggered emotions, and the "no response needed" response.

Essential Stepmom Podcast

I joined founder Tracy Poizner to share about the success of the High Road to Reunification workshop.

Radical Change Now Podcast

I joined Dr. Mary Oz to share the foundation of my work at Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and Higher Purpose Parenting.

Divorce, Healthy! Podcast

I joined host/attorney/author, Ashely Nicole-Russell to chat about collaborative divorce mediation, and overall how to consciously divorce.

Doing Divorce Different Podcast

I join Lesa Koski to share how parents can help children be in relationship with both of their parents, even after separation/divorce.

Live Your SpaLife Podcast

Diane Halfman, host, and I chatted about balancing the self and family, and standing in your purpose and power.

The Dr. Valerie Podcast

I joined Dr. Valerie to talk about conscious parenting after divorce and my journey.