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Top 10 Habits to Create Happiness


Top 10 Habits to Create Happiness

Happy people aren’t all the same, but they have some things in common. These commonalities provide a wonderful map to creating happiness in your own life. There are similar habits that happy people possess. If you incorporate these habits into your routine, you can also enjoy a happier life. Happiness doesn’t happen to you. It’s something that you do. 

Adding the right mix of habits to your day can enhance your level of happiness: 

1. Resiliency. Happy people are resilient. They can endure any hardship and take the everyday ups and downs in stride. They are slow to give up. This characteristic makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude and more challenging to feel depressed or lack hope. 

2. Surround yourself with happy people. If you hang around others that have a positive attitude you will find it easy to laugh and smile. Emotions are contagious, let happiness be the emotions you catch from others. Who are the happy people in your life? Schedule time to be around those people 

3. Positive Mind, Positive attitude. Every situation has both negative and positive aspects. Those that get upset easily focus on the negative. Those people that focus on the positive are happier people. Count your blessings each day. Focus on the positive. Find the positive in every situation. If you find yourself focusing on the negative, take a moment and switch the thought to the positive. 

* Your job might stink, but at least you have a paycheck and can pay your bills. 
* Your friends did not invite you to an event, at least you have friends and the ability to communicate. 

4. Give.  Make life better or easier for someone else. Give your time to a worthy cause. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. Whenever I give to someone else it puts my life back into perspective. Give and give some more. Give the gift of a smile to a stranger even if this is all you have to give in the moment. Smile and they may just smile back.  

5. Exercise. One of the most valuable habits to build is exercise, while it can be challenging to build, it can be one of the most rewarding. You physically feel good after exercising, if you don’t overdo it. You also enjoy the benefit of knowing that you did something that supports your health and fitness. Find time in your schedule to exercise each day. When you put it on your schedule and make it part of your routine, it is much more likely that you will get it done. 

6. Have goals and dreams. Aim high and put small tasks on your schedule to accomplish the goal. It’s hard to be happy if you don’t have something to look forward to. What do you most want to have and experience? Make a list and think about it each day, create action items and get to work. I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute with the Vision to END “Parental Alienation” from the human consciousness. Who knew over ten years ago we would be where we are today, standing at the tipping point into the new family paradigm? A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), when launched into the Universe ignites the light in others to bring it into reality. 

7. Avoid Third Partying. If you’re talking about others and not including them in the conversation, this is called Gossip or what I like to call “third partying.” It may seem fun and interesting, but there’s a price to pay. Sooner or later, you’ll anger the person you’re gossiping about and they’ll start doing the same to you or cut you out of their life when they find out you have been talking about them. You may feel the need to lie to get yourself out of trouble with that person. When you speak negatively about others, you’re more likely to worry that others are speaking poorly about you, too. We are all guilty of doing this. If you find yourself getting caught up in the third-party conversation, catch yourself and take the opportunity to clean it up in the present moment. 

* Third partying accomplishes nothing and creates unnecessary drama in your life. 

8. Have an active social life.  Being active in positive relationships is a key component of happiness. Some people require a more active social life than others, but everyone needs some social contact. Determine how much of a social life you require and make it happen. Schedule time to spend with those that are important to you. Again, if something is important it should go on your schedule first. 

9. Avoid having too much stuff. The person with the most stuff is far from the happiest person I know. Too many possessions and indulgences subtract from your happiness. These things can create clutter, stress, distraction, and guilt. Enjoy yourself but be reasonable if happiness is the goal. I like to clean out extra stuff every year. I like the habit of cleaning things out and donating possessions to causes and people in need. I love the habit of turning my hangers in my closet backward and if I don’t wear something by the end of the season, I get rid of it. There are only a few things that are exceptions and I stick to the plan. It feels great to declutter and to give. 

10. Acceptance. I love the word and action acceptance. You don’t have control over everything. There are things that you must accept. The only other alternative is misery. Accept those things that you can do nothing about. Freedom lies in your ability to accept what is and let go of the desire to be in control of everything. I love the mantra, “I love and accept myself exactly as I am here and now.”  Ahh, acceptance starts with you and then rolls out into the world with others. FREEDOM!!!! 

You don’t need a million dollars or the facial features of a model to be happy. To increase the levels of happiness you experience each day by changing some of your habits. A few new habits can be enough to make you feel happier every day and brighten your outlook on life. Take a moment and decide which new habits you are going to implement, share in the comments below. Ask others to hold you accountable for implementing these new happiness habits. 

Cheers to more happiness in your life! 


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