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13 Ways to Show Appreciation


13 Ways to Show Appreciation

Some people go above and beyond to make your life better and more enjoyable. Have you ever been around people where you just feel good around them no matter what? It’s amazing to me how showing gratitude to the people that do the most for you is easy and yet, I have found that if I am showing gratitude to others for even the smallest things, that the response of gratitude by others fills my heart with love. There are many ways to show gratitude. The best ways to show appreciation and gratitude depends on the person you feel the gratitude for, however the most important aspect of showing appreciation in my opinion, is when I am specific in my gratitude and letting the other person know how their act of kindness made me feel. 

Ensure that the people in your life know how much they mean to you. 

Try these methods to show gratitude to those that deserve it: 

1. Tell them with specificity. This might be the easiest way to let people know how much you appreciate them. Just tell them, by being specific and user this formula, when you________ it made me feel ________ I want you to know how much I appreciate your act of kindness. Watch how much they appreciate the compliment. 

2. Take them to do something they’ve always wanted to do. It might be going to a play, checking out a local haunt, a meal at the most exclusive restaurant in town, or a night spent sleeping under the stars. Pick something you know neither of you ever forget. 

3. Give a small gift. Take the time to find something they’ll love, but don’t just buy something to buy it or something so extravagant that they’ll feel uncomfortable. Tell them the gift is a token of your appreciation for being so wonderful. 

4. Encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone. There’s no bigger favor you can do for someone than helping them move beyond a fear. It might be riding a horse, skydiving, or talking to an attractive stranger. You’ll be their hero. 

5. Do something for them they hate to do themselves. You might wash their car, mow the grass, or wash the dishes. 

6. Compliment them. Tell them how great they are at playing cards, choosing their wardrobe, or dancing. Everyone enjoys a sincere compliment. 

7. Give your favorite waitress a bigger tip than usual. Tell her how much you appreciate her service. A big tip is the best gift you can give a server. 

8. Send a letter. Aside from bills or advertising, no one gets real mail anymore unless it’s their birthday or Christmas. Surprise them by sending a letter through the mail. Tell them how much you appreciate them. 

9. Give a donation in their name to a worthy cause. Find a charity that the object of your gratitude feels a strong connection to and make a donation in their name. Send them a quick note to let them know about it. 

10. Pay it forward. Help their child or partner. Is there something you can do for someone else in the other person’s life? How could you help someone that’s important to them? 

11. Appreciate publicly. Make an announcement to your friends and followers on your social media accounts. Let them know how great your friend is and how much you appreciate them. Again, remember to be specific. Get others in on the action and share the love. 

12. Master the skill of receptive listening. Pay extra close attention to what your friend is saying when they speak to you. You have no idea how much people appreciate it when you focus all of your energy on them and give them your full attention. If you are authentically listening you can say, ” what I heard you say is________ and it would make you feel loved if I ___________, did I hear you correctly?” Powerful! People love to be heard and it helps them feel understood. 

13. Buy them lunch. There’s something fantastic about not having to pay for lunch that makes the rest of the day seem so much better. Either take them to their favorite place or try someplace new. I love to pay this forward to strangers as well. This not only makes them feel good, it makes me feel great to create good energy in the world. 

Be gracious with people. Take a little time to slow down and show specific gratitude.  Do this with the little stuff. Those people will enjoy the recognition, and you’ll feel good about yourself for making the effort. There are never enough people on your side, so value those that are pulling for you. 

Create Good Karma in the world. Is there a time you shows specific appreciation for one of your children or your beloved? Share int he comments and spread the love. 

Try this formula and let us know how it goes. “When you fill up my car with gas without me asking, it makes me feel loved and heard because it shows me how much you have payed attention to me as I have shared how much I don’t like doing that. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Thank you! 

Give it a try and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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