Successful Relationships Are Founded in Love Everything Else is Fear

The key to a successful life begins with creating successful relationships.
Creating successful relationships begins with connection through conscious communication, conflict resolution and understanding your contribution and your desires.
Jonathan MizelCEO/Cyberwave Media, Inc.

Working with Dorcy through Higher Purpose Mastery was nothing short of life changing. I am an internet marketer and many people call me the godfather of internet marketing. I met Dorcy at a marketing conference and we became friends. I was going through some personal struggles and I flew to LA for a conference and met up with Dorcy. She challenged me to go through a Higher Purpose Mastery. I had gone through Landmark and many other self help coaching programs and nothing compared to the life changing results I achieved going through Higher Purpose Mastery. I learned how to process what was happening in the moment versus through the filter of my past. Through working with Dorcy I was able improve my relationship with myself which improved my relationships with my wife, business partner and everyone.

Craig Childress PsyDChild Psychologist

I have personally reviewed Dorcy's High Road to Reunification workshop and Custody Resolution Method coaching programs and have observed her facilitating the High Road in reuniting alienated children with their targeted parent and support her work and ability to resolve family conflict and restore family bonds. Dorcy demonstrates her ability to solve the family crisis known as "Parental Alienation" through her step by step process in the High Road protocol. She takes the family through a series of steps that remove the children from the middle of their parents conflict and recovers the authentic child in a matter of days. 

Creating Better Relationships Through Conscious Communication

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

At the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute we provides co-parenting solutions for family moving from parents being together to parents living a part. We assist parents in creating co-parenting plans that support each family member in reaching their highest potential regardless of where they are in the divorcing process. I help divorcing parents get out of the back and forth he said/she said nightmare of the family court to living consciously in the new family paradigm. For more information Click here

Relationship Coaching

As a relationship repair coach, educator and keynote speaker, I am dedicated to understanding relationships and empowering you with the most effective conflict resolutions skills to help you get out of the fight and back into connection and love. I help you discover your relationship struggles so you reconnect and reestablish loving bonds.

Hire Dorcy to Speak

Dorcy energizes her audience to take inspired action. She speaks about re-connection and bonds never broken between parents and children. Dorcy has extensive experience in conflict resolution and provides easy to implements steps to reorganizing families and reducing conflict though teaching her audience conscious communications and problem solving skills. Find out how to hire Dorcy here.

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Dorcy Pruter Inspires Relationship Connection


From Divided to United, We are all ONE! I'm driven by a desire to empower you with the skills and tools you need to reconnect with your authentic self, understand who you are as a person and help you secure a sacred relationship with your beloved and become a conscious parent. Human Connection is the backbone of our existence and having healthy relationships starts with your connection to who you really are, loving and nurturing all parts of who you are. Consciousness is not a game of being alone, it is a journey of authentic connection to others. 

  • Our highest purpose in life is to give and receive love
  • We learn to love ourselves through our connection and love we receive in relationships.
  • Conflict in relationships is where we learn and grow. You must learn to fight consciously.