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For over 15 years, I have been one of the most sought-after reunification coaches in the world. My goal is to encourage positive relationships and support every member of the family in reaching their highest potential.

personal journey

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

Through my personal journey, I learned exactly what it takes to end the conflict of divorce and re-establish a healthy and long-lasting bond with your family. I am a reunited daughter who ended the suffering in my family by reuniting my father and siblings before he passed in 2013. I am also a divorced, conscious co-parent of my two daughters and the bonus mom to two awesome young adults.  I started the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute to eliminate “Parental Alienation” that so many families suffer from.

Family Reunification

I have a Coaching Certification and a Certification in Mediation and High-Conflict Resolution.

Co-Parenting Education

I have written a powerful, new curriculum focused on the challenges facing parents who are struggling through "Parental Alienation" and high-conflict divorce.

Custody  Consultant

I work with most of the industry leaders on solving the crisis of pathogenic parenting, otherwise known as "Parental Alienation" that plagues our families.

Higher Purpose Mastery

I left home at 18, moved across the country, and dealt with physical and mental abuse in my early days. I rose above the challenges of life and became a successful career woman by maintaining a positive attitude and discovering the reason why these stories have repeated themselves in my life. I have created a process that has allowed me to let go of the stories, illusions, limiting beliefs, and fears that caused setbacks in my life.

I created the Higher Purpose Mastery™ program to teach people how to transform any situation from conflict and chaos to connection and cooperation. Higher Purpose Mastery takes the diffuclt self help world and makes it easy to implement so you can experience radical change quickly. 

Securing Sacred Relationships

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Healing From Emotional Trauma

Have you been strugging with the pain of a breakup or Divorce?

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Dad Talk Today

I join Dr. Craig Childress on Eric Caroll's podcast, Dad Talk Today, to talk about the Alliance to Solve Parental Alienation and the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. 

Divorce and Beyond

I join Susan Guthrie on her podcast, Divorce and Beyond, to discuss "parental alienation" and the high-road workshop. 

Custody Matters Live!

I am accompanied by Dawn McCarty on Danica Joan's Custody Matters Live to talk about re-unification coaching and co-parent education. We talk about strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect after a high conflict divorce. 

Custody Matters with special guest Dorcy Pruter

Tonight on Custody Matters Live Danica Joan is accompanied by CML regular, Dawn McCarty along with Dorcy Pruter. Through re-unification coaching and co-parent education, Dorcy provides strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect or stay connected during and after a high conflict divorce.

Posted by Dad Talk Today on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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“The best way of learning about anything is by DOING!” Dorcy brings to you personal experience, as well as professional experience, in working with families struggling through a high-conflict divorce. She started a co-parenting company that focuses solely on families struggling with high-conflict divorce and parental alienation. She always tells her students: “First you are a student, then you are a teacher. You can’t teach what you do not know.”

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